Dar al Hanan English Department

Dar al Hanan English Department

At Dar al Hanan School, we aim at providing an excellent academic standard in teaching the English Language. We teach English as a first language, in addition to an intensive course in Science and Math. We offer this course together with the Arabic curriculum.

We also encourage our students to take exams in the British Council, to raise the standard of English through school training. Each student is registered according to her level. These exams are: Movers, Flyers, KET, PET, FCE and CAE.

In addition, we teach computer in English, thus broadening the students speaking & writing skills.

Dar al Hanan is keen in making the students participate in different academic and extracurricular activities, to develop their skills and talents. For example, the Short Story Competition, the Spelling Bee and the English Annual Magazine.

The English department aims at applying all the skills in a well-rounded procedure to help students develop their language and be responsible citizens for their community.

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